• Prototyping
  • Production
  • Soft Launch
  • Launch
In the first phase of the game’s life, this is where we brainstorm, ideate, develop quick iterations for playable versions, and test it all. After the prototype is greenlit, we move to pre-production where we construct the timeline and scope of the project, assemble a team, and begin building a business case.
Now we’re at full power. This is where we hone the game economy, continue the art and tech development, and perform play tests. We also begin working on the overall brand and marketability of the game, and perform a lot of quality assurance testing. If it’s all good, we hope for a soft launch green light.
Here, we officially release the game to a small audience. The marketing team prepares for the main launch while we also measure, analyze, and improve the game before a final green light which is based on this launch’s performance.
We’re live everywhere! Now begins the bread and butter of being a games company. We constantly improve, develop, expand, monitor, and interact with our users to make the greatest game we can.
  • Product
  • Art
  • Tech
The product team is in charge of constantly improving the game while staying true to the overall vision we had from the beginning. We work on all game design, development, and documentation of the game. We imagine new ways of growing the game and understanding our players’ needs.
Everything is hand-crafted in-house to a degree that would satisfy any perfectionist (which we also have in-house). We are driven by fluid, understandable, and approachable games with great UI/UX that can be played by any age, anywhere. We work with R&D to innovate new ways of integrating our art.
We are constantly iterating, improving, and thinking ahead on how we can deliver the best products to support huge player scales across all platforms; working exclusively in-house together, and working side-by-side with the other departments.


Even though this part is fun, it’s crucial to our working process. Whether
it’s Game Club, where we play different games and talk about them, or
whether it’s playing board games in the office at Happy Hours, this is
how we keep ourselves inspired.


This is a big part of our DNA. Internally, we like sharing knowledge
cross-guild (a developer sharing with a designer) , just as much as we
like keeping the flow going within each tribe. Why? We like sharing, and
it helps us create games faster and in unison. We aren’t a factory line,
so we have to make sure that what we know is swirling around
everywhere. We also appreciate the responsibility of sharing our
knowledge outside the company through meetups, blogs, community
engagement, and training programs.

Had enough learning about our nuts and bolts? Take a look at what it’s like to work
here, and how we have fun together.