• We love testing out our gamedev creativity

    every Global game jam and hackathon.

    but sometimes that’s not enough.

    And that’s how the Jelly game jam was born.

  • Loving games is not just a job requirement,

    our gaming room invites you to prove it.

    And on most happy hours,

    it comes alive with people lining up

    for some competitive gameplay.

  • Every few months, and a few dozen new jellys,

    it’s time for another Jelly Fun Day!

    So far we had roof-top pool parties,

    escape room sessions,

    and beach picnics with BIG plans ahead.

  • We proudly host game development

    Meet-Ups as a relevant, free of charge venue

    for the local developers community

    and we also sometimes feature

    our team leaders as speakers.

    Never forgetting tons of developer fuel- Pizza!

  • In our weekly Happy Hours we celebrate

    any new birthdays and achievements.

    Always with freshly themed treats

    and drinks and some game/mingle time.

  • Every two weeks we play a new game

    on our own time and reconvene for Game Club.

    Where we discuss what it did right or wrong

    and what can we learn from it.

  • Work like a captain, play like a pirate.

  • Missed that great film at the movies?

    Miss watching that instant-cult

    modern classic for a while?

    Jelly’s Movie Club has got you covered,

    armed with a huge screen, pizza and popcorn.

  • Been a while since

    you showed off your football skills?

    Jelly Sports Club arranges football games

    within Jelly or against other companies.

  • Cooperation doesn’t necessarily stop

    at the desktop.

    Some of us actually coordinate groceries

    and enjoy the benefits of

    the exclusive Salad club.