Game Economy Manager

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Jelly Button is looking for a Game Economy Manager to join us.


We are seeking a passionate team player who loves numbers and excels in excel to design our free-to-play game’s economy.  

As a Game economist you will work closely with game designers to create the desired game experience, which makes our game Fun-to-play. You will also build in order to measure, keep improving and optimizing the game performance.

Main Responsibilities 

·        Design the economic systems to drive players to play and enhance their game experience

·        Design new features that improve long-term player satisfaction, and provide more monetization opportunities  

·        Recommend rewards and monetization game features to create an economic system to fulfill player needs  

·        Collaborate with product owners, marketing managers, UX/UI designers, analytics team, data scientists and development teams. 

·        Manage the economy and pricing of virtual goods; balance between free content vs. paid currency in the game economy  

·        Balance customer experience and revenue opportunity for in-game currency and virtual goods

·        Investigate different macro economy models for different segments of users.

·        Build and analyze simulations and predictive models to proactively forecast the results of changes to content

·        Plan A/B testing plans and analyze their effectiveness


·        Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, or a quantitative field

·        Excellent Excel skill

·        Passionate about working with numbers, formulas and data analysis.

·        A strong interest in gaming and mobile F2P games.   

·        Experience with data analysis - advantage

·        SQL\R or Python knowledge- big advantage.

·        knowledge and experience with online/multi-player/social games or free to play  – advantage

·        Good English level

·        Very high motivation and drive. 

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