We are Jelly Button and we entertain friends, family and the rest of the galaxy through
our unique games experience. We drive for successful, entertaining and long-lasting
titles. By combining creativity, technology and data, we craft games that are played
together by a massive audience of all kinds.


After starting in 2011, Jelly Button developed casual games in an industry
that was just beginning in Israel. Prototyping and innovating were key to
creating a social game experience we believed would provide a more
immersive and unique alternative to what we were seeing: “Mingle Play”
combines our favorite qualities of the multiplayer and single player
environments. The release of our first major title, Pirate Kings, was the proof
of concept for our beliefs. Its viral success and growth across vast territories
let us expand to entertain over 70 million players. We saw the potential .of
the social game experience we built, and have been growing rapidly ever
since. Now, we are working on more games to come, and continue striving to
lead the industry and fulfill the vision we had. For friends, family and people
of all kinds, we make social games that let people play together.